Past Live Courses

Land 101: Fundamentals of Land Brokerage

Instructor - Ben Crosby, CCIM, ALC

14 hours - continuing education - GA (16 hours towards ALC Designation, Realtors Land Institute) 

This course is the perfect introduction to the land specialty. Whether just entering the land real estate industry or looking to refresh on the basics, attendees will acquire knowledge to more confidently assist clients. This course provides a strong foundation for any real estate professional looking to perform land transactions.

After taking this course, attendees will have the:

  • Expertise to navigate various environmental, land-use rights and restrictions, and taxation factors associated with land transactions.

  • Confidence to identify, describe, map and value the different types of land real estate.

  • Competence needed to help clients through the 1031 tax-deferred exchange process.

  • Knowledge to strategically market and sell properties.

Property Mapping Techniques for Real Estate Professionals

Instructor - Steve Roberson, MA-Geography/Concentration GIS - MapRight Mapping Software

7 hours - continuing education - GA

The Property Mapping Techniques course will provide the real estate professional with an understanding of how to use mapping software and resources to assess land parcels and create property maps to maximize knowledge of a property.

​The real estate professional will learn how to create better marketing packages for properties to benefit their client and their real estate business. This course will look at seven different units, each detailed component builds upon the importance of the real estate professionals understanding of property parcel mapping.

Drones & Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Professionals

Instructor - Caleb McDow, ALC - Former US Navy F/A-18 Aviator

3 hours - continuing education - GA
The goal of the Drone/UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) course is to provide the real estate professional with an understanding of the benefits, risks, and regulations of the commercial use of Drones/UAS for imagery and photography.  This course will discuss the types of Drones, the legal aspects and requirements by Federal Aviation Authority for operation of Drones/UASs, and legal and professional use of acquired images by a real estate practitioner. The real estate professional will know how to implement best practices in adding Drone/UAS photography to their real estate business. 

The following topics will be discussed: Types of UAS/Drone Technology / Cost of Drones (Pros and Cons) / Federal Rules and Regulations associated with UASs / Drones in the Real Estate Industry (overview) / Acquiring Images Legal Use

​Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Professionals

Instructor - Madeline Johnson, J.D., Ph.D. Professor of Marketing University of Houston Downtown
14 hours - continuing education - GA (16 hours towards ALC Designation, Realtors Land Institute) 

Think like a marketing expert! Confidently market your real estate business with these marketing tactics. This course is tailored to meet the needs of all real estate professionals looking to build their business and conduct more transactions by leveraging the power of marketing to its potential.

After taking this course, attendees will have the: Expertise to strategically define business and marketing goals. Confidence to develop an integrated marketing plan utilizing public relations, advertising, promotions, networking, social media and website content. Competence to effectively develop and grow their business’ brand. Knowledge to understand the strategies appropriate for attracting sellers and buyers.
Resources and tools received: SWOT Analysis worksheet/Marketing Strategy for Your Business worksheets/Sample Marketing Plans

Conservation Course -

What are Land Trusts, How Conservation Benefits Landowners, What Are Accreditation Basics?
3 hours - continuing education - GA

In 2015, the Land Trust and its affiliates protected over 38,000 acres, a record year.  Every year, an increasing number of Land Owners are becoming aware that Conservation Easements are not only consistent with many forestry and agriculture practices, but also can be an effective tool to realize tax-benefits and guide land stewardship, as well as financial, estate, and intergenerational planning. 

Timberland Real Estate - Fundamentals of Identifying and Evaluating Timberland

Instructor- Bob King, Registered Forester, Accredited Land Consultant​
10 hours - continuing education - GA (16 hours towards ALC Designation, Realtors Land Institute)

Everything needed to successfully conduct timberland transactions is included in this course. Whether a seasoned land professional or a commercial/residential agent looking to expand their business by taking on new clients, this timberland course is a worthwhile investment.

After taking this course, attendees will have the: Expertise to understand the different factors that affect timber and timberland values. Confidence to assist clients by explaining how timberland investments compare to other alternative investments. Competence to value and determine the best way to market a timberland property. Knowledge to advise clients on the tax advantages, timberland investment strategies, and reasons for reforestation of a property.

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