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Design a marketing plan to envy with new Digital Resource Guide

Create a multi-faceted real estate marketing plan with tips from our newest Digital Resource Guide for real estate.

OnCourse Real Estate and OnCourse Learning have launched the Real Estate Marketing Strategies Digital Resource Guide, an all-inclusive digital marketing resource for real estate professionals.

Aimed at both seasoned and novice real estate professionals, this comprehensive guide includes traditional and digital marketing ideas on branding, choosing the right marketing strategies for your audience and more.

What’s inside

David Marine, senior vice president of marketing for Coldwell Banker shares his advice on using storytelling as a marketing tool.

“A good story always works,” Marine said in the article. “Some people may relate to that strictly from an advertising perspective, but when you can tell a story of a product or of how you can help a consumer, effectively, that always cuts through the clutter.”

In addition to storytelling, an effective marketing slogan is also a powerful selling tool. The key to a successful marketing slogan is coming up with something that not only is catchy but that sets you apart. “If you put the word ‘bungalow’ and ‘Portland’ together in Google, you’ll see my smiling face come up,” said real estate agent Rambo Halpern —”The Bungalow Guy” — in the article.

Other stories in this Digital Resource Guide

• With today’s diverse cultural climate, creating a marketing plan that caters to that diversity but doesn’t offend cultural sensitivities is key. Get expert tips for building cultural sensitivity into your marketing plan.

• First-time home buyers account for more than half of all buyers. This article and infographic offer tips for marketing to this growing demographic.

• Real estate professionals explain how blogging can be an effective marketing tool, so long as the content comes from the heart.

The guide also provides information on which states OnCourse Learning offers its nationally accredited continuing education courses in real estate and appraisal.

The Real Estate Marketing Strategies Digital Resource Guide is the second guide produced by OnCourse Learning Real Estate. For more tips on growing your real estate business, check out our Data Analytics in Real Estate Digital Resource Guide.

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