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Lifelong learning for a lifetime of success

New e-book to inspire you to get started or continue your learning journey

Helping people get started and succeed in their chosen professions is our passion. It’s embedded in the foundation of everything we do. We’ve taken some of the best research, statistics and articles available on the benefits of lifelong learning and put them in an easy-to-digest e-book. Download “How to use lifelong learning for a lifetime of success”.

Staying current professionally is no longer an option

Individuals who strive for growth in their personal lives and professional lives must commit to the concept of lifelong learning. In an ever-changing market and world, it’s more important than ever to stay competitive and up to date. Lifelong learning enables professionals to prepare for emerging trends and provides direction for career opportunities and advancement. On a personal level, lifelong learning has major impacts too. The time you take to learn anything, whether it’s becoming licensed in a new field, completing required regulatory compliance training, or learning a new skill will benefit you in some way. There’s no downside to lifelong learning.

Take the first step to achieving the career and life you desire.

Download the e-book (coming), “How to use lifelong learning for a lifetime of success,” to get inspired to begin your professional or personal learning journey! The e-book includes:

  • Research, statistics and articles on continued learning for career and personal development

  • Personal lifelong learning stories and insight from OnCourse Learning thought leaders and some of the company’s partners

  • Cost-effective, time-saving tips to make learning a regular routine

Inspiring insights from OnCourse Learning thought leaders and partners:

Find the time to learn something new “Lifelong learning does not have to be formal or cost money. Even in today’s busy world, you can always find the time to learn something new. Focus learning in small time increments. Stay current through reading articles, books and professional journals. Leverage work opportunities such as lunch-and-learns and make the most of mandated work-related training. Take advantage of free webcasts and webinars. Engage in conversation with other lifelong learners through a social network or a collaborative environment. There is no right or wrong way. Don’t make excuses. There are always nuggets of information you can learn if you open your eyes and ears.”

Lifelong learning is critical in real estate

Len Elder, Senior Curriculum Director of the Superior School of Real Estate, an OnCourse Learning Real Estate partner “The real estate industry has always been changing. It is difficult to practice the profession of real estate without being a lifelong learner, and it’s impossible to instruct real estate without a commitment to the same. Staying on top of changing rules and statutes, new business models and technology, and the shifting of real estate markets, trends and techniques is critical.”

What lifelong learners have in common

Brett Shively, Executive Vice President and General Manager, OnCourse Learning Real Estate “I have worked with people from various industries. Whether individuals are learning basic skill sets, completing continuing education requirements or pursuing an online degree, lifelong learners have one thing in common. They desire to be better at what they do and broaden their horizons by exposure to new and interesting things.”

Curiosity is key

Brian Swan, Director of Stringham Schools by OnCourse Learning “A love of learning and insatiable curiosity are the hallmarks of a lifelong learner. Some people enjoy learning, but are not curious. Others are curious, but only about certain things. Lifelong learners love learning because they see it as growth, and they continue to grow because their curiosity cannot be tamed.”

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